Do your backups…please!

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Please? We usually do not have to ask customers and clients that have lost their data in a hard drive failure to backup their data on a regular basis. They have already felt the pain. One of the most difficult situations that we, as a service company have to deal with is informing a customer that their data is lost and we cannot recover it. There is really no reason, with all of the low cost devices that are on the market today, not to backup your data. We will not quote a server without some type of backup device and we are still partial to tape for a server application. Even though tape has a higher initial cost, tape is still the lowest cost per gigabyte for backup and archiving and gives you the versatility of being able to easily (and preferably) take the backup off-site. However, if your budget does not permit the use of tape as a backup medium, consider an external USB hard drive. These have some drawbacks as a daily backup device but are surely better than no backup at all. If you have any questions regarding your backup strategy, please call us for a consult. The National Archives and Records Administration in Washington D.C. has published that 93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within 1 year of the disaster.

Just for Thought….


Intel CEO: “We need antivirus, can someone buy me McAfee?” A few hours later: “Done.” “Great, which version?” “Version… ?”

This reminds me of a line from The Top 10 Entries in Bill Gates Diary: “Note to self: Next time Melinda says we need to buy China, she means dishes.”
– Ben Scott

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