TTI Services

We Want to be Your Partner,
Not Just a Vendor.

At Total Technology Integration, we are serious about the services we provide. It’s what we are all about. With over 30 years in the computer/electronic service field, we don’t just aim to satisfy, we strive to “exceed” our customers’ expectations. How do we do this? We asked, and then we listened. This is what our clients and customers have told us they require:

  • “A company that they can partner with to help them accomplish their goals.”
  • “A company that believes in building trust by adhering to the highest standards of business ethics, professionalism and accountability.”
  • “A company that will deliver on commitments made to the client, always.”
  • “Dedicated and customer service oriented people that they can establish a relationship with, built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect.”
  • “Consultants and technicians that are knowledgeable experienced and have the expertise needed to help them find solutions to their business challenges and solve problems in a timely manner.”
  • “A company that has a vision for their long term goals.”

We have made this our recipe for our mutual success. We are in this together. “We are your partner.”

Our services include:

  • Maintenance and Support.  As a full service company, TTI offers different types of maintenance and support plans to give you the peace of mind of knowing that with one call, your problem will be solved. We also offer time and material break/fix service for your computers, servers and network equipment. Site surveying, Uninterruptible Power Systems and computer and network cabling round out the mix of maintenance and support services that we can offer.
  • Network Administration.  Do you need computer and network expertise on an ongoing basis but have budget constraints that prohibit the hiring of a full or part time employee? Would you like someone to come to your site once a week or a few times a month to help with administrative tasks, maintenance tasks or user support? We can perform all of the tasks and duties required to keep your computers and network in top running condition. And in most cases, we can accomplish this for you at far less than the cost of hiring an in-house technician.
  • Network Design and Installation.   TTI offers a full range of consulting services to help you accomplish your project, upgrade, move, or new install. We will guide you through the planning stage. Once the planning complete, we will design the network with the “future in mind.” TTI also has the expertise and certifications to make the installation and implementation of your project a breeze.
  • TTI Solutions.   At TTI, we have the solutions to your computer and network challenges. We couple the latest, cutting edge technologies with our experience and expertise to give you sound, proven ways to accomplish your goals. Whether you need a server, workstation, wired or wireless network equipment, security solutions, e-mail systems, backup systems or printing solutions, TTI stands ready to help