Network Administration

Many small businesses do not have room in their budgets to hire a full or part time computer technician to administer their PC’s, Servers and network. However, they still need network administration work on an ongoing basis to keep their systems running properly. TTI can fill that need for you, and in most cases, at significantly less cost than hiring an employee. We will come to your site, at your convenience and check to make sure that your servers, workstations and network are running properly. Let us take the responsibility for the computers and network so you can concentrate on your core business!

Tasks we can perform for your business:

Operating System Support Workstation
Backup System Monitoring and Support Install Critical Security Updates Peer Network Administration and Support Email System Support
Email Server and Cloud Email Services
Firewall Configuration  and Administration Printing System Configuration and Support Anti-Virus System Monitoring and Support Anti-Spyware Support
Router Configuration and Support Software Licensing and Administration Remote User Access Monitoring and Support Wireless Network Administration and Support
Internet and Communications Support Planned Periodic System Maintenance Hardware and Software Upgrade Support Online and Cloud Computing Solutions

Remote Network Administration

With the ubiquity of the Internet, it is now possible to perform many administration tasks on your local network and servers remotely. We have many methods available to monitor, diagnose, make changes to, and correct problems with your servers, workstations, software and applications without every having to set foot on your site.

Application Support

TTI can work with your software vendor to install, upgrade, diagnose and maintain your software applications. Why spend countless hours on the phone with software support when you should be tending to your business? In most cases, we here at TTI can get the job done faster, with less downtime, and with minimal disruption to your business. A great many of our clients see the value of this service. They call us to be their representative when they need to interface with their software application vendor for planning upgrades, installing new releases, and troubleshooting tough or intermittent problems.

Project Management

Change is a fact of life for a small business. Often times, changes in the marketplace, a business plan, or from the corporate headquarters dictate that your critical network structure must adapt to a new set of circumstances. Where will you find the time to devote to this new challenge? TTI can help manage that project from the planning stage, through the implementation stage. Or maybe your staff just needs to offload some of the Project Management for tasks that are out of their area of expertise. TTI can help you with that as well.

Relocation Planning and Execution

A relocation of an office, business or headquarters is a daunting assignment. There are a great many details that have to be minded for a smooth transition from one location to another. We have the experience you need to orchestrate and accomplish the move of your critical computer and network gear. Why not let TTI formulate a move plan for you? We can also help with site planning for your new site, de-installing the equipment on move day, and the re-installing at your new site.

Temporary Technical Assistance

Maybe you have your own IT staff but from time to time but your company needs some technical help to meet a deadline or deal with an unforeseen set of circumstances. TTI stands ready to help with qualified technical support professionals that can help you meet your project deadlines and objectives.