Network Design and Installation

Consulting Services

Are you a business owner, administrator or manager that has been tasked with planning a new computer network or upgrading an existing network and need help? Total Technology Integration will be happy to supply the expertise to plan your network design and installation project with confidence. Our engineers will educate and guide you through the planning process.  Click to see an example of a LAN we designed and implemented.

Network Design Services

Once the planning stage is complete, we can design your network. TTI takes the position that you design with the future in mind. We will take your plan and project it into the future, taking such factors into consideration as the growth rate of your business, long term goals of your business and budgetary constraints.

Network Integration Services

Often times, we are called upon to work with another vendor or vendors to accomplish a project for our clients. We have experience with integrating hardware and software solutions for many different applications such as Sleep Disorder Clinics, Doctors and Dentist practices, Law practices, Mortgage Brokers, Manufacturing, Food Service, Financial, Accounting, Insurance, Hospitality, Automotive, Retail and many more.

Network Installation Services

Network operating systems training and experience is imperative to ensure a reliable installation. We hold Microsoft and Novell certifications in network operating systems.

Network Type Expertise

  • Server Based Networks
    Server based network installations are generally reserved for networks with more than five users. Small businesses usually start out with one server for their entire file and print sharing needs. However, server based networks are very versatile in a growing business as it is easy to add servers to handle new applications and users. TTI is well versed in all of the Microsoft Windows Server based operating systems which are the most popular in the industry.
  • Peer to Peer Networks
    Peer to Peer based networks are generally reserved for five users or less. Peer networks are very cost effective for small workgroups for file and print sharing. Many software applications are designed to run on a Peer Server. Peer Servers generally run on a Windows Professional platform, which for small workgroups yields a significant cost savings for a small business.
  • Home Based Networks
    Home based networks are really Peer networks. This type of network offers home users shared internet access and file and print sharing. However, TTI can give the home user much of the same functionality that is available to businesses. In fact, many of our business customers have network setups in their home that allow them to access their business network from their home office. How would like to work one or two days from home per week? We here at TTI can make that dream a reality for you.